Cloud Services

We are a scalable compute platform with add-on storage, security, and monitoring capabilities to easily run production applications.

IaaS providers.

IDEATION delivers infrastructure components that would otherwise exist in an on-premises data center. These components  consist of servers, storage and networking as well as the virtualization layer, which we host in its own data center. We complement our IaaS products with services such as monitoring, security, load balancing and storage resiliency.

SaaS providers.

IDEATION offers a wide array of business technologies, such as productivity suites, customer relationship management (CRM) software and human resources management (HRM) software, all of which the SaaS vendor hosts and provides over the internet.

PaaS providers.

We also offer cloud infrastructure and services that users can access to perform various functions. PaaS products are commonly used in software development. In PaaS providing, we add more of the application stack, such as operating systems and middleware, to the underlying infrastructure.

We tailor your offerings to a vertical market’s requirements. Our cloud-based services might seek to deliver industry-specific functionality or help users meet certain regulatory requirements. For instance, several healthcare cloud products have been released that let healthcare providers store, maintain and back up personal health information.


Virtual Reality

IDEATION provides complex assistance in the field of virtual reality development. As a professional virtual reality game developer, we will help you realize unique projects and amazing concepts. VR development will allow you to create unusual solutions, to take your products to the next level.

As a VR developer, we have a really great experience! Although the vast majority of products (apps) have its unique factor, our current knowledge and experience in virtual reality development allow us to generalize and share our opinion on ‘will it work?’ question.

However, there are also some specialized applications that will function in a specific environment (medical applications). In this case, we are able to investigate with our research team whether the assumptions of our client’s project are correct to succeed. We are a VR developer who works comprehensively, interested only in the best effects!