Location Based Services

  • Friends Finder – Friend Finder Service enables you to check on the whereabouts of your friends and family members anytime anywhere.
  • 3G/4G Checker – Checks 3G/4G service status on subscribers location area.
  • iAm-Where – Providers subscribers the information of location he/she presently available.
  • iAm-Near – Provides information about interest of places presently available near subscriber location, like Restaurants/Hotels, Hospitals, Banks, Hotspots, Petrol Pumps etc
  • GMLC (Global Mobile Location Center) – IDEATION Location Based Service Enabler gives to Operator the possibility to provide services related with subscriber’s criteria (e.g. weather, traffic and entertainment information), tracing services (used for security purposes, for rendering, technical support, emergency help, searching objects), resource control services (allow to provide vehicle, traveling personnel manipulating etc.) and navigation services (used for informing subscribers about optimal directions from one destination point to another.).

Credit Controlled Services

  • Collect Call – Collect Call Platform offers the flexibility for prepaid mobile subscribers to initiate calls even if they do not have the sufficient credit to do so. With the use of a predefined prefix, USSR or IVR, prepaid/postpaid subscribers can initiate a call on behalf of the on-net postpaid or prepaid called party.
  • Sponsor Call – Provides you the liberty of making a call while someone special pays for it. You need to do is ask your Sponsor, who can be your friend or family member, to add your number on his/her privilege list and then whenever you run out of credit, you can still call and stay connected.
  • Loan Call – Loan Call Platform offers the flexibility for prepaid mobile subscribers to initiate calls even if they do not have the sufficient credit to do so. With the use of a predefined prefix, USSR or IVR, prepaid/postpaid subscribers can initiate a call on behalf of the on-net postpaid or prepaid called party. Credit will be reverted back to called party once calling party top-in balance or credit.
  • Easy Loan – Loan is the service which prepaid subscribers can loan money into their account when their balance is low.
  • Call Me Back – Call me back is a service that allows Subscriber asking another calling back with a short message.

CAMEL Controlled Services

  • MyStatus/MySlogan – My Status is CAMEL TCSI based service lets your Friends/Family/Colleagues know your current status and availability simply before you answer the call call by showing a flash message. Once you set up your status, your contacts will start receiving it as a flash SMS anytime they call you.
  • NotifyME – CAMEL OCSI Based service, With Notify Me you receive a text message on your mobile, notifying you about the called party availability whether it was out of coverage or switched off.  Notify Me keeps a track of your called number for 48 hours and once the called number becomes available you are notified via SMS so you can immediately get in touch with your desired number before it is inaccessible again..
  • Call Screening – Call Screening by IDEATION lets you manage incoming phone calls better, with the option to accept or reject numbers.
  • AMEL Gateway – IDEATION Camel Gateway allows fast deployment of new IN services without interruption to existing services. Embedded application development environment simplifies service creation and reduces time to market. The system allows real-time controlling voice call, SMS- and GPRS-sessions in GSM networks, using service logic applications. Convenient Service Creation Environment being an additional component of CAMEL-gateway allows easy service creation and service tuning for wide range of VAS. •Embedded CAMEL-proxy functionality allows IDEATION CAMEL Gateway to be easily integrated into existing IN networks, allowing new services to be deployed with no disruption to the delivery of previously available services.
  • Parental Control System – In recent years the growth of mobile phone usage amongst youth has boomed in many countries. It is evident that with this phenomenon, parents are now looking for ways to manage children’s mobile usage and also knowing who their children is communicating with.
  • The necessary tools to accomplish these tasks are often now available to parents. Adding value added service features that let parents control their children’s phone usage will give operators increased family plan subscribers as well as reduced churn rates. IDEATION introduces Parental Control System for Parents that includes monitoring and blocking of MO Calls/SMS initiated by the child and also MT Calls/SMS to the child.

USSD Services

  1. USSD Gateway – USSD gateway exchanges USSD messages between the mobile subscribers and the external applications through GSM networks. With USSD gateway operators is able to provide balance enquiry, voucher activation and other customer care services using the most efficient and convenient way.
    • USSD gateway supports flexible USSD message routing based on the service keys, message body and source of MSC address with possibility of access policy and bandwidth management for each application individually.
    • USSD stage I and stage II are supported – that allows creating dialogue USSD services with multilevel USSD-menu. SMPP v3.4 provides fast and easy integration with external content-providers.
    • USSDS has embedded tools for convenient and flexible USSD-menu construction (SMPP-portal software package) and supports open XML and ODBC interfaces for integration with external information systems and databases. On-line charging interface is supported.
  2. UMB (USSD Menu Browser) – The USSD technology menu browser is an innovative technology that consists of displaying a browser menu on a telephone where the user converses simply within the menu tree structure.

Messaging Services

  • SMS Firewall – SMS firewall is intended to protect Operator’s network and Operator’s subscribers against unauthorized SMS traffic (both application originated SMPP traffic and inbound/transit SS7 mobile originated traffic).
  • SMPP Proxy – SMPP proxy/router serves the purpose of exchanging messages between one or more SMS/USSD centers and external applications, using several routing criteria, and intended for mobile operators and content aggregators.
  • MSA (Missed SMS Alerts) – MSA helps you to retrieve your lost SMS in case your mobile is switched off or out of coverage for more than 4 hours. Through this service you will now be able to see all those messages that might be very important to you.
  • Guaranteed SMS – You can retrieve the messages which were missed and also keep the record of the SMS sender numbers so that if customer just wants to know the numbers which were trying to get in touch with him; they will be retrievable.
  • SMSC (SMS Center) – IDEATION SMSC is a carrier-class high-performance SMS center that includes traditional and innovative SMS features. Range of the supported protocols allows deploying IDEATION SMSC through GSM/UMTS or IS-41 (D-AMPS, CDMA) networks.

Cloud Services

We are a scalable compute platform with add-on storage, security, and monitoring capabilities to easily run production applications.

IaaS providers.

IDEATION delivers infrastructure components that would otherwise exist in an on-premises data center. These components  consist of servers, storage and networking as well as the virtualization layer, which we host in its own data center. We complement our IaaS products with services such as monitoring, security, load balancing and storage resiliency.

SaaS providers.

IDEATION offers a wide array of business technologies, such as productivity suites, customer relationship management (CRM) software and human resources management (HRM) software, all of which the SaaS vendor hosts and provides over the internet.

PaaS providers.

We also offer cloud infrastructure and services that users can access to perform various functions. PaaS products are commonly used in software development. In PaaS providing, we add more of the application stack, such as operating systems and middleware, to the underlying infrastructure.

We tailor your offerings to a vertical market’s requirements. Our cloud-based services might seek to deliver industry-specific functionality or help users meet certain regulatory requirements. For instance, several healthcare cloud products have been released that let healthcare providers store, maintain and back up personal health information.


Technology Enhancement

We enable our clients to innovate faster, by ensuring accessibility, agility and accountability to satisfy ever-changing market needs.

A good product evolves gradually and keeps its end-users engaged forever. Software, mobile, desktop, and web applications – all needs to be enhanced as per the changing industry trends. If it failed at it, even the best product of its time will be thrown out of the competition by new innovative products. That’s why IDEATION puts its whole focus on keeping your world-class digital products engaging, well-functioning, secured, and updated. Our product enhancement services are fully-comprehensive and flexible.

Software Enhancements

We gauge current product architecture, technology stack, users, and their expectations alongside analyzing market trends and competitors. Leverage our expertise to complement trendy enhancements to your existing application to generate continuous interest from consumers.

Application performance Optimization

Identifying and eliminating the risks involved in the upgradation process to prevent the wastage of time, unnecessary complexity, and other such problems is what our team can do with perfection.

Bug Fixing

Our team finds out the technologies, capabilities, and implementations which need upgradation assessing the primary enhancement needs. After that, we prepare a perfect strategy for enhancement and perform the product re-engineering, expansion, or upgradation as required.


Virtual Reality

IDEATION provides complex assistance in the field of virtual reality development. As a professional virtual reality game developer, we will help you realize unique projects and amazing concepts. VR development will allow you to create unusual solutions, to take your products to the next level.

As a VR developer, we have a really great experience! Although the vast majority of products (apps) have its unique factor, our current knowledge and experience in virtual reality development allow us to generalize and share our opinion on ‘will it work?’ question.

However, there are also some specialized applications that will function in a specific environment (medical applications). In this case, we are able to investigate with our research team whether the assumptions of our client’s project are correct to succeed. We are a VR developer who works comprehensively, interested only in the best effects!


Augmented Reality

We offer augmented reality solutions that detect and track almost any object. Futuristic but practical in use, augmented reality can add a new digital dimension to your business. As one of the top AR application development company, IDEATION leverages significant years of expertise.

IDEATION offers all types of augmented reality such as:

  • Marker-less AR
  • Marker-based AR
  • Projection-based AR
  • Superimposition-based AR


Digital Marketing

•Bulk SMS

•Location Based Ads

•Bulk Email

Bulk SMS:

Having strong relationship with all five operators in Pakistan including Telenor, Mobilink, ZONG, Ufone and Warid, gives us the opportunity to use a huge subscriber base for Bulk SMS service thus providing us platform to quickly deploy any SMS service including SMS alerts, SMS competitions,
SMS voting, SMS marketing campaigns, SMS information services or SMS for CRM. Bulk SMS provides coverage to operators nationwide.

Our Bulk SMS features include:

Bulk SMS are delivered from brand-name instead of unknown number or through a short code:

  • Quick and most effective way to reach the targeted audience
  • No Hardware/Software required
  • All Pakistan GSM and CDMA coverage
  • Online delivery status report
  • Fast and reliable Broadcasting
  • No hidden costs, cheaper and instant delivery

Our BulkSMS Service is provided to:

  • Businesses: send Bulk SMS to announce new promotions/offers in Pakistan
  • Banking Sector: send alerts and special offers to clients
  • Multinational Companies: to communicate with employees
  • Hospitals: to communicate with their patients.
  • Educational Institutes: to inform students and parents
  • Retailers/Wholesalers: to get closing report of shops
  • Employers: to get alerts e.g. attendance of employees and many more


Sender ID need to be registered for each country with the prescribed form.

Process of Work:

Client will have two options:

  • Client will get an SMS Panel with User ID and Password. From this panel client can send SMS by their own with their own database and client can get delivery report from their panel.
  • Client will send us SMS body, we will send SMS by ourselves using our database and after sending we will provide delivery reports.

Work Order:

Following is the work order

  • Client must send us work order mentioning the services they want.
  • If IDEATION needs to send SMS on client’s behalf, Client has to provide SMS body (160 Character for first SMS and 145 Character for subsequent SMS)
  • Work order must mention to how many number SMS should be sent and location.
  • Pay according to the number of SMS to IDEATION (total mobile number multiplied by number of SMS counts then multiplied by per SMS prices)
  • After encashment of payment SMS will be sent and after finishing the campaign IDEATION will provide the delivery reports.
  • If Client want to send SMS by themselves, client has to buy SMS credit before sending SMS

Location Based Advertisement

IDEATION provides Location-Based Advertisement by sending personalized messages to customers on their mobile devices anywhere and anytime.

This is done by location data where offers are based on:

  • Where people are
  • What they are interested in

This enables customers to know about various offers in their immediate surroundings. The Location-Based Advertisement gives benefits to both Customers and Advertiser.

For Customers:

  • Customers will receive Location Based Advertisement when GPS is on.
  • Advertisements in immediate surroundings will be received only.
  • Customers will remain updated about sales on their favorite brands.
  • Help customers opt for offers without wasting time within their reach.
  • Get updates on events happening within their surroundings.

For Advertisers:

  • Enable Advertisers to reach their target audience at specific location and time
  • Advertisers can manage and design their campaigns.
  • Use as a promotional medium for brands/services.
  • Help Advertiser to draw traffic towards their shops/outlets.
  • Help Advertisers increase their sales at peak hours.

Bulk Email

Not exactly any pre-requisite however, you have to have an email address which will be shown
to recipients from email. In this email Client will get customers responses as well as Bulk Email
delivery report and read report time to time.

Work Procedure:

Client will have these options:

• Client has to send IDEATION a work order mentioning number of emails to be send. Email body (Text, Html or image or combination of them) has to send to IDEATION
• Pay according to the number of Emails to IDEATION
• After encashment of payment Email will be sent.
• Client will get delivery report to their provided email address time to time. However, IDEATION will provide weekly reports to clients

We also provide online advertisement, Facebook advertisment and LinkedIn advertisment.