Location Based Services

  • Friends Finder – Friend Finder Service enables you to check on the whereabouts of your friends and family members anytime anywhere.
  • 3G/4G Checker – Checks 3G/4G service status on subscribers location area.
  • iAm-Where – Providers subscribers the information of location he/she presently available.
  • iAm-Near – Provides information about interest of places presently available near subscriber location, like Restaurants/Hotels, Hospitals, Banks, Hotspots, Petrol Pumps etc
  • GMLC (Global Mobile Location Center) – IDEATION Location Based Service Enabler gives to Operator the possibility to provide services related with subscriber’s criteria (e.g. weather, traffic and entertainment information), tracing services (used for security purposes, for rendering, technical support, emergency help, searching objects), resource control services (allow to provide vehicle, traveling personnel manipulating etc.) and navigation services (used for informing subscribers about optimal directions from one destination point to another.).