CAMEL Controlled Services

  • MyStatus/MySlogan – My Status is CAMEL TCSI based service lets your Friends/Family/Colleagues know your current status and availability simply before you answer the call call by showing a flash message. Once you set up your status, your contacts will start receiving it as a flash SMS anytime they call you.
  • NotifyME – CAMEL OCSI Based service, With Notify Me you receive a text message on your mobile, notifying you about the called party availability whether it was out of coverage or switched off.  Notify Me keeps a track of your called number for 48 hours and once the called number becomes available you are notified via SMS so you can immediately get in touch with your desired number before it is inaccessible again..
  • Call Screening – Call Screening by IDEATION lets you manage incoming phone calls better, with the option to accept or reject numbers.
  • AMEL Gateway – IDEATION Camel Gateway allows fast deployment of new IN services without interruption to existing services. Embedded application development environment simplifies service creation and reduces time to market. The system allows real-time controlling voice call, SMS- and GPRS-sessions in GSM networks, using service logic applications. Convenient Service Creation Environment being an additional component of CAMEL-gateway allows easy service creation and service tuning for wide range of VAS. •Embedded CAMEL-proxy functionality allows IDEATION CAMEL Gateway to be easily integrated into existing IN networks, allowing new services to be deployed with no disruption to the delivery of previously available services.
  • Parental Control System – In recent years the growth of mobile phone usage amongst youth has boomed in many countries. It is evident that with this phenomenon, parents are now looking for ways to manage children’s mobile usage and also knowing who their children is communicating with.
  • The necessary tools to accomplish these tasks are often now available to parents. Adding value added service features that let parents control their children’s phone usage will give operators increased family plan subscribers as well as reduced churn rates. IDEATION introduces Parental Control System for Parents that includes monitoring and blocking of MO Calls/SMS initiated by the child and also MT Calls/SMS to the child.