Digital Marketing

•Bulk SMS

•Location Based Ads

•Bulk Email

Bulk SMS:

Having strong relationship with all five operators in Pakistan including Telenor, Mobilink, ZONG, Ufone and Warid, gives us the opportunity to use a huge subscriber base for Bulk SMS service thus providing us platform to quickly deploy any SMS service including SMS alerts, SMS competitions,
SMS voting, SMS marketing campaigns, SMS information services or SMS for CRM. Bulk SMS provides coverage to operators nationwide.

Our Bulk SMS features include:

Bulk SMS are delivered from brand-name instead of unknown number or through a short code:

  • Quick and most effective way to reach the targeted audience
  • No Hardware/Software required
  • All Pakistan GSM and CDMA coverage
  • Online delivery status report
  • Fast and reliable Broadcasting
  • No hidden costs, cheaper and instant delivery

Our BulkSMS Service is provided to:

  • Businesses: send Bulk SMS to announce new promotions/offers in Pakistan
  • Banking Sector: send alerts and special offers to clients
  • Multinational Companies: to communicate with employees
  • Hospitals: to communicate with their patients.
  • Educational Institutes: to inform students and parents
  • Retailers/Wholesalers: to get closing report of shops
  • Employers: to get alerts e.g. attendance of employees and many more


Sender ID need to be registered for each country with the prescribed form.

Process of Work:

Client will have two options:

  • Client will get an SMS Panel with User ID and Password. From this panel client can send SMS by their own with their own database and client can get delivery report from their panel.
  • Client will send us SMS body, we will send SMS by ourselves using our database and after sending we will provide delivery reports.

Work Order:

Following is the work order

  • Client must send us work order mentioning the services they want.
  • If IDEATION needs to send SMS on client’s behalf, Client has to provide SMS body (160 Character for first SMS and 145 Character for subsequent SMS)
  • Work order must mention to how many number SMS should be sent and location.
  • Pay according to the number of SMS to IDEATION (total mobile number multiplied by number of SMS counts then multiplied by per SMS prices)
  • After encashment of payment SMS will be sent and after finishing the campaign IDEATION will provide the delivery reports.
  • If Client want to send SMS by themselves, client has to buy SMS credit before sending SMS

Location Based Advertisement

IDEATION provides Location-Based Advertisement by sending personalized messages to customers on their mobile devices anywhere and anytime.

This is done by location data where offers are based on:

  • Where people are
  • What they are interested in

This enables customers to know about various offers in their immediate surroundings. The Location-Based Advertisement gives benefits to both Customers and Advertiser.

For Customers:

  • Customers will receive Location Based Advertisement when GPS is on.
  • Advertisements in immediate surroundings will be received only.
  • Customers will remain updated about sales on their favorite brands.
  • Help customers opt for offers without wasting time within their reach.
  • Get updates on events happening within their surroundings.

For Advertisers:

  • Enable Advertisers to reach their target audience at specific location and time
  • Advertisers can manage and design their campaigns.
  • Use as a promotional medium for brands/services.
  • Help Advertiser to draw traffic towards their shops/outlets.
  • Help Advertisers increase their sales at peak hours.

Bulk Email

Not exactly any pre-requisite however, you have to have an email address which will be shown
to recipients from email. In this email Client will get customers responses as well as Bulk Email
delivery report and read report time to time.

Work Procedure:

Client will have these options:

• Client has to send IDEATION a work order mentioning number of emails to be send. Email body (Text, Html or image or combination of them) has to send to IDEATION
• Pay according to the number of Emails to IDEATION
• After encashment of payment Email will be sent.
• Client will get delivery report to their provided email address time to time. However, IDEATION will provide weekly reports to clients

We also provide online advertisement, Facebook advertisment and LinkedIn advertisment.