Messaging Services

  • SMS Firewall – SMS firewall is intended to protect Operator’s network and Operator’s subscribers against unauthorized SMS traffic (both application originated SMPP traffic and inbound/transit SS7 mobile originated traffic).
  • SMPP Proxy – SMPP proxy/router serves the purpose of exchanging messages between one or more SMS/USSD centers and external applications, using several routing criteria, and intended for mobile operators and content aggregators.
  • MSA (Missed SMS Alerts) – MSA helps you to retrieve your lost SMS in case your mobile is switched off or out of coverage for more than 4 hours. Through this service you will now be able to see all those messages that might be very important to you.
  • Guaranteed SMS – You can retrieve the messages which were missed and also keep the record of the SMS sender numbers so that if customer just wants to know the numbers which were trying to get in touch with him; they will be retrievable.
  • SMSC (SMS Center) – IDEATION SMSC is a carrier-class high-performance SMS center that includes traditional and innovative SMS features. Range of the supported protocols allows deploying IDEATION SMSC through GSM/UMTS or IS-41 (D-AMPS, CDMA) networks.